Frequently asked questions

How does Charley work?

Charley is the most advanced writing system on the market. Our in-house AI (artificial intelligence) uses GPT-3 alongside custom data to generate the highest quality content.

Does Charley write my essay from scratch?

Yes, Charley will write your essay from scratch. You are still the author of your own content and can always edit what Charley has written. Charley helps you write more efficiently by removing repetitive and tedious hurdles so you can focus on the creative side of content writing. It is still your responsibility to fact check and ensure all facts/statements generated by Charley AI are verifiable and true!

Is Charley Plagiarism Free?

When Charley writes her content, she tries to make sure that it has no plagiarism. However, sometimes there may be sentences that are also on the web, but you can always use Charley with a plagiarism checker to be sure.

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